Front of House Testing

We only deliver ‘Front of House’ pill testing. Front of house is an adopted term from Europe, which refers to ensuring an interaction in real-time, and face-to-face between those testing pills and those presenting their pills for testing. It involves a direct exchange of information and delivery of services within a harm reduction framework. In contrast, ‘Back of House’ testing refers to the testing of pills that have been just seized, discarded or placed within an amnesty bin, and is delivered in partnership with law enforcement agencies as an intelligence gathering exercise and minimal, if any, direct interaction with people using pills.


No fee for service

We believe pill testing services should be delivered as a universal public health and harm reduction measure. This means not constructing any barrier to participation by requiring any financial contribution from the people presenting their pills for testing, either by requiring payment from the consumer or from festival and event promoters.


Peer Driven

Our pill testing services involve peers and young people in all stages of its design, development and delivery. This is to ensure these programs are relevant, appropriate and able to attract and engage with people that should be utilising these services.


Information Sharing

As part of any proper approach to expand evidence informed public health and harm reduction policies and programs, we believe it is vital that experiences, expertise and data be shared and wherever possible, be made publicly available.

These principles are articulated in the Trans-Tasman Charter here >