Pill Testing Australia (previously STA-SAFE) conduct laboratory grade, front of house pill testing integrated with health professional consultations.

Having conducted Australia’s first successful pill testing at Groovin the Moo in 2018 we are working hard to roll out this proven, important harm reduction strategy at events and eventually in cities around Australia.

If you thought testing pills was just a recent idea, think again. Drug checking services have been developed over the last 25 years in over 30 countries and are one of the best proven strategies for reducing drug-related harm.

The evidence for pill testing shows us that:

  1. it reduces the amount of drugs consumed by individuals
  2. it reduces the variety of drugs consumed in a session, both of which are risk factors for overdose & death

We are dedicated to seeing pill testing services rolled out as part of a nationwide system.

What we do is relatively simple.

People considering using a pill or other drug can see us to have them tested to discover what it is they may really be taking.

As part of this process we will provide a range of information to help people make an informed decision while understanding the risks and what to do in the event of any adverse outcomes.

This is an opportunity for an early intervention, the provision of non-discriminatory health information, and access referral pathways to a range of health and community services.

We never advise people it is safe to take drugs
We never promote the consumption of drugs
We are a non-discriminatory health service.

Enjoy looking around our website and learning about the different services we provide.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Media Release – Second pill testing pilot in Canberra a success!

Media Release – Second pill testing pilot in Canberra a success!

MEDIA RELEASE Monday 29 April 2019 For Immediate Release Second pill testing pilot in Canberra an overwhelming success Pill Testing Australia has successfully implemented a 2nd Pill Testing Pilot at the Groovin the Moo Festival in Canberra Preliminary key facts: The...

PTA Launch “Give That They May Know” fundraiser!

PTA Launch “Give That They May Know” fundraiser!

Well… hello, Australia! My name is David Caldicott, it’s entirely possible that you may have seen or heard me harping on about harm minimisation in general and pill testing in particular over the last decade or so. If so, sorry about the prior intrusion and apologies...

We need to move away from punitive strategies which cause more harm & have little positive impact on society. By extending love, patience &, empathy we can achieve so much for those looking to feel included and valued. #SupportDontPunish #pilltesting https://t.co/S6114btwAi

Dr Marianne Jauncey - "As a mother I want what all parents, carers, and extended families want: for our children to grow into happy, healthy adults. We want them to be alive, more than anything. Those words are crucial: More. Than. Anything." #pilltesting

A new survey by Eventbrite shows an overwhelming level of support for #pilltesting at live music events with 77% of respondents backing the important harm reduction strategy. We couldn’t agree more, just waiting for the rest of #auspol to catch up. #harmreduction #druglawreform

Families of people killed in drug-related deaths will start a six-day walk to parliament. “At the moment, people have no idea what they are buying and we see countless deaths every year from accidental overdose or poisoning." Sounds familiar? #pilltesting

Liberal Party Pride group pushes for pill-testing in Victoria https://t.co/MvXCyJt8fE

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PTA will only deliver front of house testing and is a signatory to the Trans-Tasman Charter which lays out the principles under which any pill testing should operate.